Moments In Thought

pen and ink

Today has been one of those days, weather wise, a wild wet and windy day, along with the hailstones.

It was day that called to me to get occupied and stay warm while doing so.

This weather won’t remain like this forever I said to myself, as I made the decision to do something productive.

I called it attending to something I had been putting off for a very long time.

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Be Still And Know


Having read some blogs today I have noticed a common thread appearing, it is the need to “be still”

This is not something I usually write on my site but I felt so strongly about it that I made the decision to do so today.

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Of Friendships In Paradise



Dedicated to a  friend .

Many times I have dreamed of friendships in paradise, and the songs and cooing of the doves reminds me of that so often.


Two by two – Doves



The kindness of the foreigner,

a quiet serene moment

they sit without fear

cooing, knowing

all is well

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