Lessons From Nature

While drinking tea, I was thinking of the apricot tree over my back fence.

Does it hear my every word when I look out my back door and talk to God?

Today I still imagine it hears my secrets and I’m sure it tells me some too.

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Called to Rise Up


Here is a short post and a reminder of the beautiful sounds of a song that has reached  many people’s hearts.

I share this as I recall the day I first heard this sung and how it was for me as well, sitting there with pencil and paper drawing the scene.

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Faith Needed To Ride


This is a little longer than most of my posts, it all came about after the death of three of my friends in three separate accidents on the same day back in 2011. I suddenly found myself on one of these roller coaster rides.

We need “Faith” to ride that roller coaster and know we are safe, hanging onto Him as we travel its path.

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