A Thankful Heart

 Psalm 119 v 103. How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

           * * * *  * *

Having just collected a supply of fresh food from my garden I am once more reminded to give thanks to God.

The harvest we bring in  can be a time to pause and reflect on all He has provided for us.

Song hear my prayer Oh Lord.

Let us sing praises with A thankful heart


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My “days like these” are filled with rain and wet washing  drying by the fireside, our weather has been a continuous cold and wet for so long.

Way before winter arrived we had much wet weather here where I am living.

Even now as we are well into spring and approaching summer, it’s still wet once more as I write this post

Song:   Scripture Lullabies – The Peace Of God


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In His Time

He made all things beautiful in His time.

Every so often there is not a need for words , but more a need for both music and words .

Upon waking I was thinking about  this and immediately went searching for a song fitting for the occasion.

This always brought me to thinking of Gods’ creation and all the different aspects of it.

I have placed some verses here from the bible for you to read and enjoy.

A song as well, may it touch your heart and bring Joy to  you as you listen.

Perhaps you may even sing along to the beautiful words and music.


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