Bloom Where You Are Planted

        Bloom Where You Are Planted


Each and every one of us is planted where God himself would have us to be blooming today. That is what I personally believe, yet others may think different. None the less I will continue here regardless of their opinions.

Some people go to work each day- others work from home and still have to do all that is necessary to get the job done without a boss looking over a shoulder. No matter where you are Bloom Where You are Planted. !

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Write The Vision Down

One of the first  recorded writing in the bible is shown to us on tablets of stone.

God wrote down what He wanted Moses to tell the people.

Today He tells us to write the vision down, it is found here in the following verses.

Write the vision down , orders from above for us to learn from, directions to follow, to reach to a desired end.

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New Day Dawning

A New Dawn Heralds A New Year For All 

This is a collection of thoughts that came to mind, early on the morning  of New Years day

I hope you enjoy them and leave refreshed as you go on your way 

  * * * * *

From a nights hush sounds awaken

The night stars dim and sleep again

Wind in its’ whisperings is heard


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