Time To Draw Aside


There  is a need to take time to draw aside,   to make  a time in each of our lives on a regular basis, as  we draw aside from the crowd of the day.

The crowd can be many different things to me, especially if I have appointments and important matters to attend to that are necessary for daily living.

Many voices wanting my attention, and often appearing to all be calling out at the same time; that is more than enough to tell me to a go to a quiet place away from the crowd for a while.

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The Valley of Decision

Recently there has been many times when it seemed so difficult just to come up with a topic to write on for my blog that I felt as if it had been  an elusive dream; one that’s beyond my reach: but dreams are not that way at all. It’s all a matter of finding the answers and the one place to find them is by going back to the basics and back to God and ask Him of an answer to this elusive topic. Continue reading


Autumn Skies

Glorious Autumn skies can be seen at both sunrise and sunset.

Song: Sunrise Sunset : http://youtu.be/XWVwVTFAs4c

I recall sunrises and red mackerel autumn skies covering the whole of the firmament when I was young and out with rabbit traps with my dad as a kid, and  standing and staring at the firmament full of spotted red clouds at sunrise.

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Daily Directions

We are so blessed to be given daily directions from God as to what he would like us to be involved in, be it speaking to a friend, visiting someone who isn’t feeling well, calling another on the phone, or even writing a little note to another telling them you are thinking of them and add a few words from God, written to bless them.

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