Taste And See The Lord Is God

  We don’t have to go far to look ,or see, to taste and see the lord is good

You don’t have to look far to see Gods glory be it day or night time; just take a glance outside of a window and you are bound to have amazing encounter with the works of his hands. The Heavens declare Gods glory every time, each day, morning and evening, we can find something truly beautiful and find ourselves standing in awe of his glory Continue reading


From Faith to Fear

After having  done most of hard yards and the work that we are called to do as writers and authors, it is possible that just prior to the actually completion of the task necessary to move on the next stage, there may comes time of great defeat. A time when we hear that voice speaking that says “you’re not going to make it”, not even after having done almost everything that was necessary, that voice comes to taunt us. We can pull up stumps and run, run as far away from everyone and everything, as far away as possible.

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