A Spring Garden


Winter is soon to be on its way once more and not a day to soon; it’s a time when the trees are bare and not much is showing a great deal of life around the garden. Next comes Spring time and all the buds will begin to bloom once more and life will start anew with the return of the birds and the blossoms bursting forth. Perfumes of all kinds will fill the air once more and the sounds will be like magic as the birds build their nest.

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Heavens Declare His Glory

It always amazes me when I am out and about driving, and finding myself going over the bridges that are so high about the fields below, and allowing me to have a 360 degree view of all the surrounding areas in my eye sight.

Looking with such awe and wonder, without a building breaking the view, to the far distant horizon is a wonderful sight to see. Of course in the distance there are often the tall buildings of the city, but they are dwarfed tiny enough to hold on the palm of one’s hand due to their distance away from some of these current locations.

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Winter Delights

Yes its been extra busy recently, strange as it  may appear to others eyes or ears – staying warm – watching snowfalls – wishing I could go out and not be hidden inside an umbrella just to reach the car before escaping the  4 walls of this life to another 4 walls elsewhere – Hearing wipers flapping and not birds singing isn’t what I planned for a day’s entertainment. For some its called “Winter Delights”

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Beauty Of The Violets

How I love to walk outside and see the new life that this season of winter brings my way. In every season of our lives we can see new life somewhere , be it in the form of flora or fauna it’s always present around us.

So much has become green and lush from the rainfalls and both weeds and flowers are bringing new alive forth once more. Gardens are filled with so many little hidden treasures at this time of year, and the beauty of the violets is one that brings a song of Joy to my heart

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