Saturday Again


It’s Saturday again – and the weather’s fine, sunshine and shadows; early morning dew and a fresh crisp nip in the air is about all I can say – besides its Saturday here once again. The birds are silent this early morning dawn, perhaps they were around before now.

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A Daily Challenge

Preparing to set aside a time to write the 500 words daily once again.

It’s all about taking time and making time to sit and write about a subject that’s been offered to each one to write about on a forum I am in; and they are encouraging us to stay with it for 31 days.  It seems like a daunting task to begin with but I have done this before and will start again and hopefully by the time I reach day 31 I will have achieved the whole purpose of these 31 days.

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It’s a few hours from home and quite a pleasant drive  to reach our loved destination that has been ours for many a long decade or more, and each  visit brings its own new exciting moments of making happy memories there.

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Upon The Winds


the four winds are well know on this earth; and the gulls  love to hover upon the winds; while other birds take advantage of the winds to migrate to a new territory for a season before returning once more to the place they call home. 
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Psalm 23

While sitting having my breakfast I watched two birds of the same kind fighting ……over what? ……the fence that one was sitting on, hunting the other onto a tree branch nearby.

Territorial ? I think not.  Plain nasty?  Appears so , yes.  Vicious?…….. Definite.

When there is plenty of room to share for more than two, yet here we have a fight going on for who is top bird and who is the one to be put under. They looked alike ; dressed alike ; sounded alike, but something was dreadfully wrong that one was pushed aside the way it was and the demand of the other to take over the fence for itself was shocking to say the very least.

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