Victim or Victor

Have you ever heard it said “Stop playing the victim and get a fresh attitude towards life” and “get on with living”  Are you a victim or victor?

Become victorious instead and learn to rise above the hard knocks of life. We all get them but we are not all victims of them. Many have known a curved ball that came their way.

The tragic loss of a friend, ill heath, being born with physical disabilities, are all ways that could be used as an excuse to be a victim of life’s circumstances.

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Peace Be Still

We all need to take time out and be still and know that there is a way that unknown at times to man yet has been given to us from God to find His peace on our lives.

A peace the world can’t take away from us, peace beyond our human understanding. Peace be still.

To obtain your free copy as a PDF file,  please leave me  you name and address in the comments area -I will send out a copy to you in the next mail out.

Thanking you in advance for your inquiry and above all I wish you that “Peace that  God  gives”


Mission Statement


To reach others by sharing lifes’ daily happenings and in the midst of this to offer them some comfort and joy that will help them to rise above the trails of life by sharing Gods word in these daily  writings . That they too may find a salvation message hidden amongst my writings that will touch a heart to turn to Jesus . To rise above being broken as many of us are and to become a new creation in Christ and  to live full and prosperous life according to ……….

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth

Subject: Manna from Heaven was birthed one particular day long ago while I was recovering from a near fatal  and serious injury. During that time I wrote much in journals and anything else I could get my hands on to jot a few words down and eventually I realized it was “Manna from Heaven” Food to strengthen me and to give me hope to go on. Share these times with others has been a dream of mine; if I could only touch one by doing so I would have left a mark, a legacy, upon their heart and life would have a whole new meaning to them regardless of what valley they found themselves walking through

Theme: Here I share snippets of life and memories that may be of interest to you as we become more acquainted with one another in the safety of these surroundings , my hope is that you will join with me as we travel this road of life together and feel free to leave a comment as a way of communicating across the large pond of waters that lies between many of you – my guests – and myself.

Objective: To give folks a place to rest awhile from the cares of the world, to become a friend and guest;  a part of my life here where you can enjoy entering my blog for the next platter of the “Manna from Heaven” I am excited to be here to share with you all. This collection of works is the foundation for my ebook series upon for you to call your own. I do wish to see these become a book  and leave a legacy for others to enjoy


Wisdom for Moses

Let me ask these question of you.

  • What’s bothering you? What is the burden that is to hard right now?
  • Are you someone who tries hard to do everything and seems to be going nowhere?
  • Does someone (or something) always appear to want your time and attention?

Many of us keep it a secret and try to maintain a peaceful existence in the midst of all the chaos that is going on around us.

We all have these times in our lives; I am sure that none of us are immune to struggles in our daily lives.

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Victorious Living

We can learn to live again, Victorious living comes after we let the past go and move forward to where we are meant to be, regardless of how we made that entrance to live once more and see our dreams that God has placed in our hearts become a reality.

After having been in a shocking auto accident, there was a time of healing during which I had to look and access the situation in a completely new light. It meant I had to learn or relearn how to do things different than the past. Life happenings that took place when I was not expecting them too were overwhelming to me to start with.

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Unique, that’s the word that came to mind, unique! one of a kind. Unique who would know unless asked ? She’s exactly that my Rosie she’s one of a very special kind.

Possibly takes after her owner, after all they have been together for a long time now. Rosie is 9 x doggy years and I don’t know that answer, but here we go with answers of a different kind today.

The time has now arrived since sending out emails and requests asking others to give me some feedback on what they think and feel about my writing and of me.

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Loaves and Fishes


Creating a list isn’t something I do very often so I have attempted to create it to fit in with my blog and the current work on it. Why would I do that? Well I gave it thought earlier on and it all made sense to me.  Counting numbers – like the loaves and fishes – made me think of sharing and how that small amount of food fed so many that day, it was a miracle that took place after an offering was given to Jesus by a little child. Those present were fed and afterwards there was even some left overs to gather up and place in baskets.

It’s Another Recipe -Manna from Heaven, my blog,  which isn’t really about natural food, but that gave me the idea of sifting and sorting out something appropriate here so I came up with my recipe which I make often and know it will be like the loaves and fishes that I have named it. Continue reading




Namissane is French and means birth. I chose that word to explain how the Birth Of My Blog began; it originated from a poem I had written a long time ago.

That’s right. Step right up folks, come right on in, take a seat, the lights will dim shortly for you to enjoy the orchestra playing – it’s music to ones’ ear. A closed eye is ok, you don’t need to look only to listen and dream on. Imagination is a wonderful thing in the mind’s eye.

Yes you did hear correctly, time to tell you how this blog all came about from its inception and why. It’s a little longer than some might wish but if you stay until the end you will both see and hear the reason it needed that few extra minutes to perform this task.

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Gift Freely Given

It’s all along the edges where I walked just recently with my little dog. (That was the place where the gift freely given came to me). She stopped every now and then to take a break and stick her nose into places that maybe its not really wanted, yet she loves this exercise that she adds to her walking exercises, and comes home fit as a fiddle, all ready to take off for a second round of fun times in her mind.

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