Delicate Flowers

Delicate Flowers.

The beauty of these tiny delicate flowers are often found in the most unusual places.

All types of containers that the gardener can find are used for growing these unusual plants.

This area in my garden sits for most of the year in what appears to be a long and inactive position, but moments before the summer season arrives it suddenly bursts into life and has the prettiest of delicate flowers bursting forth.

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One touches One

It’s all about one touching one, one touches one in the most amazing way that words can reach to even a heart that’s far away from me.

This all started when I made a decision to leave a legacy for others that were further afield than just my immediate family;  that’s how this came about.

One touching another’s heart through stories, and verse that was written a long time ago, and then brought to the surface to be shared.

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Friend or a Judas

Is your friend a friend or a Judas ?

What does one do when a friend  wants out of the relationship for whatever the reason they have come up with?

For some of us it’s a time of trying to hold onto them, and in that process if we are unwise, both will end up being hurt.

Words expressed can be words that inflict pain as they are thrown around in the fight for the freedom the other is longing for.

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