Homegrown Garden Rewards



Summers Harvest – Homegrown Garden Rewards

Seasons delights from the garden are such a blessing to receive

This is the time when all that hard work and preparation becomes so worthwhile and even the memories of is a so distant that it’s wasn’t such a big deal after all.  

Fresh produce in the form of tomatoes and salad vegetables that have such a lovely fresh taste to them are available for many weeks during the fine weather.

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Benefits Of Walking

Daily the benefits of walking take place when I go with my girl Rosie, she sets the pace for that time of the day, it’s quite amazing watching the steps she goes through on her way to the parkland ,

We get her harness on after a lot of fighting and arguing about whether she will or will not wear it,  getting her head through the loops is quite a feat.

Once she realizes it’s on, she steps out the door to sit down, it’s all a part of the procedure to allow me to close the place up while we are away.

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A Passion For Poetry

A Passion For Poetry

Following the fires of this past week, and hearing of the storms and floods that followed, it got me to thinking about my homeland – Australia;  and what some have spoken of before today in poetry. I thought even more than some might back to bygone days when my father was living and how he loved to read poetry aloud.

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New Year 2015

   Today it is truely a wonderful experience to share with friends all around the world – once it was only a thought and a dream that “what if” pen friends, as we used to know them, could all gather together and share.

Now as we celebrate the start of this New Year 2015 the dream is now only a far distant memory.

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