Summer Storms


  Today I feel totally exhausted, mentally and physically from all the previous  few days, everything is wet , humidity  you can cut with a knife- its stifling with the suns’ warmth all around once again.

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Our Choices verses God’s Plan

Let’s take a look at Our Choices verses God’s Plan

Do you know God has great plans for us, how many of us considered going to him to ask what his will is in our lives?

It’s far easier to follow his plans than it is to make our own and see them all fall apart in front of our eyes.

He says He has plans for our ultimate good to bring us many blessings.

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Entertaining Guests

Entertaining guests

I wonder did you know we are given quite specific directions about what we are to do when we know we have guests visiting with us.

Are we asked to be working hard to prepare a meal once the guests have arrived?

We are not asked to put on fancy airs and graces just to suit their arrival at all.

It is far wiser to spend time with them and enjoy their company than it is to be preparing all kinds of fancy dinners to be consume once they are seated at the table.

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