Joseph The Dreamer

Mocking  many would say to him  ” Joseph the dreamer”

Joseph was is Egypt for 14 years …….it was all in God’s plan for his life.

He told his dream to his siblings and they decided they would get rid of him…..

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The Refreshing Waters Of Life

Today as I walked on that dry, dusty, and parched land I looked and saw that as the winds blew, they too shifted the surface. The dried out earth rose up on the wind as powder, only to fall once again.

As the dust was caught up on each gush of wind I am sure it was dried out even more than it had been earlier, if that were at all possible.

The trees gave some shade but beneath them was much debris, there was bark laying all around the base of the trees that has fallen down over a lengthy period of time, and walking in and around the trees made all kinds of crackling noises underfoot as I crushed a few more pieces beneath my footprints. Continue reading