Shine Your Light, Step Out Of Darkness

Are you standing in others shadows or do you let your own light shine. Shine Your Light, Step Out Of  Darkness. Become the light that folks are searching for.

Many of us take false guilt upon ourselves and blame ourselves for situations that are not of our making. Communication is a two was street and there are a lot of feelings going on here. Trying to get folks to see and hear what you seem to have knowledge of that they don’t want to know about is a waste of precious time. I would say beyond a reasonable doubt many of us need to find some new folks to talk to; ones who will listen to you, and don’t have to   try to understand you, they in fact understand you every time you speak to them.

Who are you talking to, why are you talking to them? About what are you speaking of ? If it’s a dream, a passion or a desire to do something different with your life than they are doing with theirs then there is no way you will ever convince them that what you are saying is correct.

We need to find your own tribe – those who are doing similar in life to you – hang with them and leave unresponsive, toxic folks out of your life, and get real friends who will support you, love you, not judge your ways, and be filled with compassion towards you at time when its needed.

Everyone has a life to live and we often “think” we are wrong and carry false guilt, and they are correct. We fail to reversed the process to realize we ARE correct; they are just not our team, they are different in ways and thoughts, and as far removed from East is to the West .

We are to stand on our own two feet and be single minded and NOT be co-dependent upon another to be heard or to be seem our works and our clean living will bring us to the for front of those who will give more attention than what we ever expect.

Don’t place demands on folks because of your own insecurities, get counseling if need be to help you to see the light as to why you appear to be in the state you are in. I am sure it’s creating much frustrating and anxiety for you. A time for a fresh beginnings without the past that hangs onto you, and tries to stop you seeing truths, is the way to go. The past is like a dark cloud. It’s time to step into the light of your own.Shine Your Light, Step Out Of the Darkness

Work your dreams and see them become reality; move forward even if it means going it alone. Whatever you do, stop repeating yourself to the ones who don’t want to know what you have to say. GO and find ones who show that they actually do care and are interested in you as a person and encourage you to reach for the stars. If you land upon the moon you surely are not going to be sitting in the dark wondering about all of the whys and where fore’s that  go on when we are not walking in our destiny.

Take my friendly advice that could well prevent more feelings of failure. Anxiety and worry are in fact NOT of your making, but could well be present simply because we haven’t yet realized we don’t need this current crowd of “so called” friends . Everyone need a fresh start, and you are the only one who can take that step and begin to enjoy living a life much more cheer and joy by leaving the past and its toxic relationships of  present, behind you.

Step up step forward and Shine Your Light, Step Out Of the Darkness. Rise about the rest around you and become a leader and not a follower. Leaders shine a light for others to see the paths and go forward, have no fear. They are fearless of opposition and are more than willing to step out alone and then welcome those who care to come and join them. Leaders shine with out another’s permission, or without being applauded for their work.  Leaders  know  they have a destiny to fulfill and get them selves busy doing what others cant see in their own lives. We need to be leaders who encourage those who walk the same path with us.

What are you doing to day to help another see the light and come out of the shadows and shine in their God given gifts to help make another’s life better that it was yesterday ?

Leave your comments below , perhaps they will bring some more light to the above topic.


Self Publish Works V Publisher

Self Publish Works V Publisher is the question we hear many times.

For some of us it’s a matter of learning to do the things God calls us to do , not waiting for mans opinion if it’s good enough to be published.

We, in this time of 2016, have wonderful opportunity to reach the masses with our words written – its doesn’t have to be all bible verse etc.

When the words come from the lord his word will still reach hearts to bring them to stop and think of God. Continue reading