A Brighter Tomorrow

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Always keep in mind there is going to be a brighter tomorrow.

They say it takes all kinds to make a world

Not all in this world are nice to us

Some want to take us down before we have time to blossom

They would stomp upon us in the hope of putting out light out

Other would try to tear us apart by the words that fall off their tongues

Yes some even try to bury us alive way before our time

Still other would prefer to take us out roots and all so we are no longer a memory

I am sure many of us have met that kind before today but always remember that you will still be blossoming when they are long gone

No matter how folks treat you never allow your heart to become hardened.

All these thoughts passed my mind as I was looking out my window today and saw a delight sight of a plant which was here prior to out arrival

I took the time to smile and grab my camera and collect a few photos before the season was finished and while doing so was amazed at how some of us we can often relate; or compare our own lives to the sights and sounds of today’s episode

Years of torment dishes out by others cannot take from us the joy we hold in our hearts unless we are willing to allow them to do so.

There nothing better that to see living proof of these words I speak of here and I am sure others have their stories to tell as much as have mine.

Nature in all her glory and majesty also has times that seem as if it’s the end of the road of life , then along comes a second chance to simply be and to shine.

Floods and fires will never take away the seed that’s planted in good souls of the hearts of men either.

We were all created to be a living part of this universe and to shine a light and sweet perfume for others to be blessed by.

Some fail taking wrong turns and end up not only on a path of self destruction; their actions also have consequences which can hurt and herm those around them.

Stay on the right path of truth and live and be that beacon, when its needed on a dark and stormy night when the ships carrying good folks needs something to focus upon.

Lives which are saved by our behavior is the greatest reward.

Look and see what’s going on around you and find something to bring some joy to an otherwise dull moment on life and the heart will be found to be still beating inside of the body, spreading sweet perfume and color – we don’t have to know who has received, we just have to live the kindness.

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