A Day At The Desk

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A Day At The Desk in my house may not be the same as the time spent at your desk.

It began quite early, in fact not long after tuning the computer on. There was this article that captured my attention and here I was coming up with quite a few words running around inside my head so as you can well imagine I had to write them down didn’t I?

Yes of course and so the time went by and the hands of the clock were not about to stand still, nor was the water I was boiling for a cup of tea going to stay hot.

Word after word seem to flow out onto the pages of paper here and kept me focused on them for much longer than was to be my original intention before turning the computer on.

I was to go to the beauty parlor with my little dog, knowing she loved her visits there, yet these words were calling tome to write them down.

It was so very important at the time and so as each word was created and written the hands of the clock were turning too.

The shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables wasn’t even on my mind until long after leaving my desk.

True I stopped and make a cuppa before dehydration set in but still the words flowed onto the story and that’s when the day slowly but surely passed me by.

It was long past 3 hours when I looked at the clock to see the time and I wasn’t actually looking for the time I just looked up and took a breath as I neared the end of my writing.

Was it that important to stay with it for so long?

A Day At The Desk ……

Of course it was as the words were there, flowing like a river that meandered along on its course to who knows where some days.

Results come easy when I experience these times and worry about anything else beside jotting words down and then going back to do some editing before sharing them around.

Who were they for?

Oh yes a friend I know from afar and I treasure her today more so than ever. We have travelled a road together writing out thoughts down.

Me writing mine as I do here.

My friend writing the way they are telling their story.

I wrote about courage, and strength that is so needed to share at times the very depts of our souls to those who are in fact total strangers to us.

The victory that will be achieved once it’s all written, and the rewards that come later on.

I found myself enjoying encouraging and explaining the why’s and wherefores, and after all was said and done, I still had the afternoon to do the very things that were planned the day before.

Its days like this that make me grateful for time that hasn’t shouted loudly to me to get moving before the busy part of the day is with me.

To the writer out there may you to find peace at your desk and not become anxious when the day slips away.

There always time to do the needed things and some days the very need one is to simply sit and write.

Why not stop a moment longer and share you day at the desk ?

Would you have stayed put ? yes or not ?


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