Attitude Plays A Big Part

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Attitude Plays A Big Part In The Story Of The Talents,  it’s time to look at the story of the talents and see what it is that stands out here.

Let’s look at these talents……..

One had 5 talents and invested them to make a profit from them.

Another had 3 talents and he did the very same thing – invested them and received an increase.

Then of course we have the one who only was given one talent and this person felt it was necessary to bury it in the soil.

The Master who gave the talents was going away for a season but would return in due time.

He would then collect the increase they had derived from being wise. Wise in both thinking and acting in ways to bring about a good return on the Masters talents.

Two acted without fear of what may become of them.

Would they win some more to add to their current collection or not?

The 3rd acting upon fear, dug a hole and buried the Master’s talent; there wasn’t any effort put into this at all as far as creating some form of increase.

Some folks live in fear of loss and are not able to take the little they have and invest it somewhere in case they make a wrong decision.

In this case it wasn’t about incorrect decisions.

No it was about “resenting” the Master collecting from where he never had planted.

Two were not the least bit concerned about would they win or lose. Would they make a small profit or one that was larger and hence please the Master even more?

Personally I don’t think that entered their mind to run a competition to see who did the best at all. I believe they knew whatever they attempted to do the Master would be pleased.

To me it wasn’t about how much he was going to receive from them upon His return. I see it this way; it was about Him placing His trust in them to at least do something.

Taking a risk shouldn’t be a problem when walking with the lord , yet one was fear fill and there’s no room for both fear and faith at the same time…..

Step out and take a chance, after all it was an offer that the Master put to them and in the end ultimate showed up the or attitudes towards Him as well.

What’s your attitude like when asked to do something ?

Do you work with a joyful heart?

Or do you begrudge the time spend to bring forth something of value to give back to the Master ?

Leave your thoughts below ………

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