Christmas Celebrations

 Christmas Celebrations

Today I came across another’s blog and enjoyed the read and it reminded me of my own thoughts many times around .

What’s all the fuss and bother about really?

After all its Christmas Celebrations isn’t it a time for rejoicing?

Is it a reminder of the time back then when all wasn’t so bright and cheery?

Are we celebrating a birth the way we were taught to down the ages, according to our own culture, and grandparents who passed their traditions down to us?

Yes while reading that article it brought to mind many questions yet it’s not going to prevent me celebrating the way I do at Christmas time.

There will be gifts giving, and there will be songs sung.

There will be food to eat and friends and family to greet for some of us only get together at holiday times.

Will these celebrations be in the house?

Not if I can help it, we go to the river and sleep in tents and enjoy fishing there, and cooking on the campfire.

Yes we do all that and we also take with us the musical instruments to bring some added joy to the moments of quiet times around the campfire.

We recall the angels singing on high, as the bible says …thIPON2FLH

The three wise men who travelled from the east to find a baby laying in a manger as there was no room in the inn, or anywhere else for that matter.

We will recall the travels of Joseph and Mary around that time of the 1st census taking and the reason they had to travel to Bethlehem when she was with child.

Some don’t approve of how my family and friends celebrate the day we call Christmas day, but that doesn’t bother me.

We will hang up our lamps to bring light at night and give presents for the children to enjoy.

Listen to their squeals of excitement as they see the desires of their heart before their very eyes.

Love will be shared and music will ring from tree top to tree top.

Yes it’s our  time of Christmas Celebrations

I am sure that the sounds of nature that surround us in the bush and all along the river bank, will all be the very voices that lift their heads to give praise to God.

Psalms 150:6 Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.




Behold The Lamb

Behold The Lamb

My sheep know My voice –

We are told that God says these words about His sheep yet they were not always identified as sheep.

Why is that?

Well allow me to explain this to you if I may.

They were born as a baby lamb, a young sheep is known to all of us as a lamb.

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