Gift Freely Given

It’s all along the edges where I walked just recently with my little dog. (That was the place where the gift freely given came to me). She stopped every now and then to take a break and stick her nose into places that maybe its not really wanted, yet she loves this exercise that she adds to her walking exercises, and comes home fit as a fiddle, all ready to take off for a second round of fun times in her mind.

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Beauty Of The Violets

How I love to walk outside and see the new life that this season of winter brings my way. In every season of our lives we can see new life somewhere , be it in the form of flora or fauna it’s always present around us.

So much has become green and lush from the rainfalls and both weeds and flowers are bringing new alive forth once more. Gardens are filled with so many little hidden treasures at this time of year, and the beauty of the violets is one that brings a song of Joy to my heart

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