Friend Or Foe


Arch enemies in a fallen world, Friend Or Foe ?

Or “ You’re trespassing on my turf ?”

Well you know the fence is on my turf too isn’t it?

It’s been three days now and she’s taking her rightful place so she says

She got up on the chair for the 1st time instead of hiding beneath it

Found her biscuits and had a feed of them before I woke up

Raced around in circles pleased to see me once again

Her tippy toes were right there where I was

After having been tossed form pillar to post for three years of her life

She now has found a safe haven to put her roots down

She’s making sure that all and sundry knows she’s around

No more that little timid lady!!




Friend or a Judas

Is your friend a friend or a Judas ?

What does one do when a friend  wants out of the relationship for whatever the reason they have come up with?

For some of us it’s a time of trying to hold onto them, and in that process if we are unwise, both will end up being hurt.

Words expressed can be words that inflict pain as they are thrown around in the fight for the freedom the other is longing for.

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