One touches One

It’s all about one touching one, one touches one in the most amazing way that words can reach to even a heart that’s far away from me.

This all started when I made a decision to leave a legacy for others that were further afield than just my immediate family;  that’s how this came about.

One touching another’s heart through stories, and verse that was written a long time ago, and then brought to the surface to be shared.

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A Daily Challenge

Preparing to set aside a time to write the 500 words daily once again.

It’s all about taking time and making time to sit and write about a subject that’s been offered to each one to write about on a forum I am in; and they are encouraging us to stay with it for 31 days.  It seems like a daunting task to begin with but I have done this before and will start again and hopefully by the time I reach day 31 I will have achieved the whole purpose of these 31 days.

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It’s a few hours from home and quite a pleasant drive  to reach our loved destination that has been ours for many a long decade or more, and each  visit brings its own new exciting moments of making happy memories there.

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Today quotes are often found in the most amazing places on the internet and after reading quite a few this morning I felt to share this particular one with you.

One of todays’ quote I found is from Tom Bissell

A great writer reveals the truth even when he or she does not wish to.Tom Bissell

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Proverbs 17v1

Maybe we wonder why we read these words from God at times but he only has our best interests at heart and knows why He has set up these boundaries for our benefit. We are to be where we are safe and  our hearts are not torn apart and hung out on a barbed fence by the words of others who wish only to destroy us.

Proverbs 17v1 Better is a dry morsel and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.

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The Valley of Decision

Recently there has been many times when it seemed so difficult just to come up with a topic to write on for my blog that I felt as if it had been  an elusive dream; one that’s beyond my reach: but dreams are not that way at all. It’s all a matter of finding the answers and the one place to find them is by going back to the basics and back to God and ask Him of an answer to this elusive topic. Continue reading


New Day Dawning

A New Dawn Heralds A New Year For All 

This is a collection of thoughts that came to mind, early on the morning  of New Years day

I hope you enjoy them and leave refreshed as you go on your way 

  * * * * *

From a nights hush sounds awaken

The night stars dim and sleep again

Wind in its’ whisperings is heard


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My “days like these” are filled with rain and wet washing  drying by the fireside, our weather has been a continuous cold and wet for so long.

Way before winter arrived we had much wet weather here where I am living.

Even now as we are well into spring and approaching summer, it’s still wet once more as I write this post

Song:   Scripture Lullabies – The Peace Of God


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Moments In Thought

pen and ink

Today has been one of those days, weather wise, a wild wet and windy day, along with the hailstones.

It was day that called to me to get occupied and stay warm while doing so.

This weather won’t remain like this forever I said to myself, as I made the decision to do something productive.

I called it attending to something I had been putting off for a very long time.

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