Mountains Display Autumns Splendor

 Mountains Display Autumns Splendor and we marvel at the beautiful sights that only come to us once autumn season of the year.    


Visiting the quiet, peaceful surrounds of the distant mountains brings its own rewards where the Mountains Display Autumns Splendor of glorious painted leaves, along with carpet of colors beneath ones feet.

We who are city folks often seek a tree change after the heat of the summer season. We become tourists who visit the far away little towns up in the mountains.

Weekends are often enjoyed away from everyday city life at home. A place to stroll around and take photos, enjoy the cafes and their atmosphere that one can only find by being there.

Dreaming of the wonders of autumn as around becomes a wondrous sight of every imaginable color.

A change of pace for the everyday hustle and bustle of city life brings much refreshment the soul.

It’s a time to slow down and enjoy the moments while we stand in awe of heavens colors painted so delicately upon very leaf before it falls.

Yes some places call the season fall and it’s obvious as to why they do so.

Each one of us has a season we love best.

For some of us it’s not a hard choice to make for others it’s a matter of enjoying the one we are living in.

Were it not for the change of seasons we would not be so inclined to enjoy the moments that each one brings to our attention and every year that passes we marvel once more at the joys and blessings we see all around us.

There is no doubt that the creator knew how to capture out attention as we pass form one quarter of the year to the next.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

 Permission to use photo granted from Pauline Connelly, for more of her amazing photos in the beautiful mountains http://paulineconolly.com/2017/autumn-in-blackheath/


Sunshine Clouds And Shadows

 Sunshine Clouds And Shadows

Not having a car for a few days meant that I was busy walking through parkland to reach the nearest bus stop. The grey clouds were certainly threatening enough to carry an umbrella yet the sun shine was warm and bright and the sky was filled with sections of blue along with many white  fluffy clouds. Wondering where the rain would come from was certainly on my mind though as I headed to enjoy the days travel. Continue reading


Aromas of Heaven

It’s wet out!

Much thunder arrived before the dawns new light.

Waking up and seeing raindrops’ falling is so refreshing after the storms passed by.

The birds are singing sweet melodies and the dust has settled upon the dry earth.

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Upon The Many

Upon The Many Days Of Greetings



Hunger drove me in  relentless pursuit

seeking that which wasn’t mine to take

bottle green fingers tearing to reach

beyond the boundaries of life

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