Jesus Is Our Rear Guard

Jesus Is Our Rear Guard, yet we as people look to people and fail to remember the Words written to us about who is talking care of us. So it is that we tend to lean upon the ones who are around us only to find that there is much animosity towards us, and not the safety we believed they promised us. Continue reading



Only Believe.  


Where it comes from no one knows or

where it goes to no one seems to want to know

Yet I can be sure it has arrived as the shutters rattle

and the doors creak on the old barn outside. Continue reading


The Refreshing Waters Of Life

Today as I walked on that dry, dusty, and parched land I looked and saw that as the winds blew, they too shifted the surface. The dried out earth rose up on the wind as powder, only to fall once again.

As the dust was caught up on each gush of wind I am sure it was dried out even more than it had been earlier, if that were at all possible.

The trees gave some shade but beneath them was much debris, there was bark laying all around the base of the trees that has fallen down over a lengthy period of time, and walking in and around the trees made all kinds of crackling noises underfoot as I crushed a few more pieces beneath my footprints. Continue reading


Wisdom for Moses

Let me ask these question of you.

  • What’s bothering you? What is the burden that is to hard right now?
  • Are you someone who tries hard to do everything and seems to be going nowhere?
  • Does someone (or something) always appear to want your time and attention?

Many of us keep it a secret and try to maintain a peaceful existence in the midst of all the chaos that is going on around us.

We all have these times in our lives; I am sure that none of us are immune to struggles in our daily lives.

Continue reading


Loaves and Fishes


Creating a list isn’t something I do very often so I have attempted to create it to fit in with my blog and the current work on it. Why would I do that? Well I gave it thought earlier on and it all made sense to me.  Counting numbers – like the loaves and fishes – made me think of sharing and how that small amount of food fed so many that day, it was a miracle that took place after an offering was given to Jesus by a little child. Those present were fed and afterwards there was even some left overs to gather up and place in baskets.

It’s Another Recipe -Manna from Heaven, my blog,  which isn’t really about natural food, but that gave me the idea of sifting and sorting out something appropriate here so I came up with my recipe which I make often and know it will be like the loaves and fishes that I have named it. Continue reading