Victorious Living

We can learn to live again, Victorious living comes after we let the past go and move forward to where we are meant to be, regardless of how we made that entrance to live once more and see our dreams that God has placed in our hearts become a reality.

After having been in a shocking auto accident, there was a time of healing during which I had to look and access the situation in a completely new light. It meant I had to learn or relearn how to do things different than the past. Life happenings that took place when I was not expecting them too were overwhelming to me to start with.

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Unique, that’s the word that came to mind, unique! one of a kind. Unique who would know unless asked ? She’s exactly that my Rosie she’s one of a very special kind.

Possibly takes after her owner, after all they have been together for a long time now. Rosie is 9 x doggy years and I don’t know that answer, but here we go with answers of a different kind today.

The time has now arrived since sending out emails and requests asking others to give me some feedback on what they think and feel about my writing and of me.

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Saturday Again


It’s Saturday again – and the weather’s fine, sunshine and shadows; early morning dew and a fresh crisp nip in the air is about all I can say – besides its Saturday here once again. The birds are silent this early morning dawn, perhaps they were around before now.

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Upon The Winds


the four winds are well know on this earth; and the gulls  love to hover upon the winds; while other birds take advantage of the winds to migrate to a new territory for a season before returning once more to the place they call home. 
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Heavens Declare His Glory

It always amazes me when I am out and about driving, and finding myself going over the bridges that are so high about the fields below, and allowing me to have a 360 degree view of all the surrounding areas in my eye sight.

Looking with such awe and wonder, without a building breaking the view, to the far distant horizon is a wonderful sight to see. Of course in the distance there are often the tall buildings of the city, but they are dwarfed tiny enough to hold on the palm of one’s hand due to their distance away from some of these current locations.

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The Sands Whispers



Many are the occasions in life to write a few lines to that special someone.

At other times  we may also be the one who receives a  gift  of verse from a friend.

They make precious memories to hold near and dear in our hearts, on such  occasions.

Here is one such line I received one time, after asking  for a poem.

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