Eyes And Ears Witness The Seasons Of Earth

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Eyes And Ears Witness The Seasons Of Earth


as grasses crackled underfoot while

the suns glorious pink sprinkle with orange

heralds its return tomorrow morn’

the red gums remained stilled

while never a care held their branches

the evening air carried upon it

the chorus of numerous bird songs

and the reminder of rain to come

nature knows the signs to give

the ones she shares ahead of time

a frequent reminder of days gone past

green was known but never did last

as summers’ heat conveys time for seed

still as life appears to be dying

horizons of pink spheres speak otherwise

of fresh raindrops falling

with skies of dark ominous clouds

earth drinks her fill and returns to us

the beauty of greens we knew

washing away deaths outer shell

release to the captives the crows do call

knowing the seasons is their affair

while willy wag tails frolic with glee

kookaburras call the days post

as the moon in all her loveliness

caresses the vanishing blue firmament

venus crosses the threshold once again

only to say t’ra so soon

nature speaks to us of death and dying

of new life and of living

brought back in time for all of us

eyes and ears witness the seasons of earth


Let me know your experiences that you have seen while out and about.

Do you enjoying a stroll after a long hot summers day.

I notice these things around me as I walk though the parklands.

Appreciating the break away from four walls and city living has much to speak about.

 Each season has its place here on earth and can get us to thinking.

“Just what is it that I feel while surrounded by nature and the quiet of the evening “?

Share your experience here and allow others to be blessed by all you saw and heard.


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