New Year 2017

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As I’m just sitting here listening to the birds outside and making a decision to prepare this blog post to begin the New Year 2017 the parrots are busy eating honey from the gum trees. The flowering gums are beautiful this time of year, next door to me is a fig tree that the also love to come to, they eat the fresh fruit, hide beneath the leaves, and make the most amazing sounds.

It’s not something we hear every day as it’s a seasonal fruit, it’s ready for summer around Christmas time into the New Year parrots they arrived in big flocks.While all the grass in the park there is the green leaves of the fig tree, such an amazing time of the year.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time and a place for everything now let me tell you about my garden. I just told you about next door and what I can see over the fence. Most of my garden is covered with all around the edges it’s cover with tanbark and every so often I have these little pieces of cactus growing. There’s some silver color, some green soft spiky ones little needles, then there’s other ones that have got round leaves, it’s called Jade.

The geraniums make a beautiful display with stunning pink flowers. The white climbing geraniums our delight to see they brighten up the dark corner in my garden. it’s lovely to see new life at this time of the year. Now to put the water dishes out For the Birds so that they can have their own bathing area and fresh drinking water each day. It’s the time of the year when we need to put the bird dishes out in some in shaded areas where they are protected from the summer heat.

Everything needs to know that they can find a drink and this warm weather. Some decided to bathe in the water but doesn’t matter as everyday it gets changed. It’s just wonderful in the dusk of the day, as the sun goes down, to see the birds are coming in for their evening meal before the dark comes on in. all the little insects flying around are their evening meal. There are the sparrows the little black birds with yellow beaks and as I said above the parrots to come to eat the figs. All around is very dry this time of the year, most of the grasses has set seed ready for the next a season of rain for them to come back to life.

They will all begin to spring back to life in due season, so until then, everything is quite dry in the parklands, but the gum trees are alive with both galahs and parrots. Pink and grey cockatoos Major Mitchell we call them. Major Mitchell’s used to be around when we were younger too and would hang on the overhead power lines. They’d swing around and do all these and have us laughing, they were a sight to be soon.

Summer showers would come along we’d see them come on in; you could tell that by the shadows came of the clouds onto the ground. Relief from the heat of the day would also bring joy to the birds. The sparrows would sit on the fence fluttering their wings and feathers around.I was watching them the other day, quite a number of them sitting on the top of the fence and they are all grooming their little feathers. Twisting their wings and tails, putting them up and down, shaking their little bodies, and all the while the very gentle rain was falling.

They were more than happy to sit there, never wanting to go flying away to hide I guess, they were just as happy as humans were when the showers came down. It wasn’t just springtime showers at summer; a very different kind of weather.The bottle brushes here are in flower I haven’t sent any little finches around just yet so I’m not too sure what’s going on around the place it’s not because the cats are chasing them away, it’s just that they not around.Maybe there’s too early for them. Each season brings different blossoms and the seasons bring different little wild birds into the yard.

There’s my lovely angel , my Little Cherub sitting in the garden she loves the sunshine and as a dusk comes on down and the birds chirping away it’s amazing how I can even hear them while I’m sitting in my kitchen. Gentle breezes tend to arrive as the day closes.

My New Year 2017, it will be a lovely start to the season, a time and a place for everything. January is a time for many new things, well as the singing of the bird’s songs. You know when summer is here, when the fig leaves are on the branches and the new fruit is being formed once again.

What is it that reminds you of the coming of a new year ?

Feel free to share your thoughts here I would like to see what others  have in mind as we enter the new year and reminders of the past have been left behind.

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