Self Publish Works V Publisher

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Self Publish Works V Publisher is the question we hear many times.

For some of us it’s a matter of learning to do the things God calls us to do , not waiting for mans opinion if it’s good enough to be published.

We, in this time of 2016, have wonderful opportunity to reach the masses with our words written – its doesn’t have to be all bible verse etc.

When the words come from the lord his word will still reach hearts to bring them to stop and think of God.

Where else can we find the places ( highways and byways) that we are sent into if we are not listening and being led by the holy spirit , he still creates today through our written words.

We are a vessel created for the masters use are we not. I would write a prophesy here but its way to long just now to text every word but in plain its about who reads today and how they read, and we are given every chance to reach then via technology.

Why do we need a publisher to approve what God Himself has given us ?

Blessings to everyone who writes regardless of the genre.

Should that word be from above it will reach and touch hearts.

In fact why do we write, one could ask ourselves some days.

Is it for the money reward or to bring blind eyes to see and deaf ears to hear and a heart to be prepared for the kingdoms’ call to them?

Perhaps our readers know that answer better than we as authors have realized before this present moment.

Self Publish Works V Publisher.

Feel free to express your opinion as to why  you think differently to the above.

Add to the message if you have something that you would like to contribute.

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