Sunshine Clouds And Shadows

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 Sunshine Clouds And Shadows

Not having a car for a few days meant that I was busy walking through parkland to reach the nearest bus stop. The grey clouds were certainly threatening enough to carry an umbrella yet the sun shine was warm and bright and the sky was filled with sections of blue along with many white  fluffy clouds. Wondering where the rain would come from was certainly on my mind though as I headed to enjoy the days travel.

While waiting for the transport to arrive I was certainly grateful for shadows from the sky over head and the cloud that spent time casting an enormous shadow over where I was standing.

It was quite an experience to realize that I was both thankful that I had my umbrella in case it was needed to shelter from the heat of the day, and the promised rain later on.

The shadow from the cloud over head brought to my attention that I could be grateful for clouds as well as prepared for them in very different ways.

So there I was watching and waiting both for the bus to arrive and the cloud to move away, yet it stayed and I was protected from the sun’s rays and still able to enjoy all that was around me.

There were trees behind me along with the houses in front of me. Colorful gardens, and the sky above, that although it was sunny, still had a cloud to share that wasn’t about to bring raindrops for a while.

It was an experience for me to remember for a while into the future.
Not all things are so bad on days when the cars not going.

What so called small thing has meant so much to you when you least expected it too?
Share what shadows mean to you, both good or bad.
Sunshine Clouds And Shadows must certainly have a meaning of their own to each one who stops by.

Feel free to share in the comments below; I would be delighted to hear from you about something that we take for granted a lot of the time until one day we appreciate its existence.


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    • Hello Winston its a pleasure to see you called on by and I am delighted to hear that you are enjoying the writings God bless you .

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