Touch Hearts

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Touch Hearts where ever we are or in what ever we do .

If our words are from the Holy Spirit they will Touch Hearts to cause them to stop and think of a creator God.

We never know exactly who we will personally reach but God knows,

hence He has different ways of delivering the words to people.

The bible itself has poetry that no man could ever conceive to write here ,

yet we too have poets who write the gospel in their works.

My father taught me a lot of this when I was a young child,

and today I write in numerous  forms and enjoy each one at the time of  writing.

We all need to find our own place where we are called , and what to write about,

and like he mentioned in #4, write about what interests you .

Be it a Christian story to influence others –

or a children’s counting book –

just do it –

or if its poetry then write poetry –

gardening –

hobbies you enjoy –

or even a teaching “how to”-

There are many topics to pick and choose from but the one  we know best is the one that will flow,

be it done on paper with a pen or the old fashioned typewriter matters not –

What matters is it needs to be written regardless of the past era of getting words on paper,

or the present methods we are all so very used to using.

That’s how I feel about it anyway as I have written in short blog posts and received amazing replies.

And published ebooks that have reviews that had me in tears – why?

Because someone’s heart was touched and they were deeply moved by an article shared.

We don’t want to become too Heavenly minded to be of no earthly good!!



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